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Rampant interproximal caries - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: ahmad tehrani
Sent: Monday, February 20, 2006 12:49 AM
Subject: [roots] hockey stick in time for winter Olympics

UR 2nd premolar(#4)
rampant interproximal caries.
Irrev. pulpitis, normal peri-radicular periodontitis. moderate 
gingivitis #4 , Carious extension to the pulp via the fracture 
of existing alloy in isthmus area. worked the small curved files 
( 10, 12, 15, 17<--->17,15,12,10) with Slide (=*RC-prep)
until a reproducible glide path was created.
Copious NaOCl & Anolyte in conjunction with EDTA, H2O2, ethanol, 
CHX. capture zone created in .05mm segments with successive files 
to a size 60 up to the curve. System S obturation.
incremental B/U with composite over a layer of Fuji GI on pulpal 
floor. didn't do a good job with dry pp to remove the enough sealer, 
but he's been asymptomatic - ahmad

Superb, great to see your work again ! - Thomas Ahmad, do you mean .5mm step back? Onyx-R? awesome prep of the "red zone", great stuff. thanks for sharing, - Kendel Hi Kenny G: actually Flex-O files....but any file would do I guess. Dave Rosenberg recommends a .25 mm preparation of the red zone. His preps are actually 1/4 mm shorter of the MAF. I am not as talented as Dave R. so I take the lazy way out and prep it by .5mm increments. But you are correct , I step back from a #35 MAF like this: 40 @ 19.5 45 @ 19.0 50 @ 18.5 55 @ 18.0 60 @ 17.5 At this point you can use any method of obturation you want. cone fit or squirt. I use the most predictable method of warm vertical with excellent length control..... System S...-:) - ahmad thanks Ahmad, I just thought you might have used NiTi hand files with that curve. two weeks away from visiting Phoenix----looking forward to that, I noticed Rosenberg will speak at the TDA this year, so I will go see his presentation, - KennyG Stropko/Dovgan put a lot of work in to their course. And the class size is just perfect. as much as I hate going to TDA, or ADA meetings, I may join you there. do you know which day Dave R, is speaking? - ahmad Ahmad, I like the Olympic relationship. Your end product looks great to me. A little puff like that is wonderful compared to some of my results. How do you know what material is out of the apex ? - Dr Danny Really nice case, Ahamad. What did you use to restored that bomb? - Guy W. Moorman, Jr. Fuji IX over the GP & orifice. Tetric Ceram composite for gingival floor and interproximal walls. Luxacore for bulk. - ahmad Ahmad this case looks like a LS case. Did you use LS or LSX on it? Nice case as usual - Carlos Murgel Just a curved bent SS file with endo LS files. I haven't seen the new LSX files...have you? - ahmad Yes I had. They look very good but didn't use them yet. I am playing with other concepts now of root canal instrumentation. I like to learn new things - Carlos Murgel The human version of the lsx is not yet available - gary

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