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Rubber Dam extraction on Tooth #15

From: Terry Pannkuk To: roots Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 1:22 AM Subject: [roots] Rubber Dam extraction on a #15 today. The rubber dam makes many things much easier and better. I simply clamped the gingiva on this #15 and punched holes forward isolating about 4-5 mesial teeth. The tongue was then out of the way as was the cheek. I resected the palatal root away from the fused MB/DB roots and then simply elevated it out. Once the resected palatal root was out, the clamp loosened and I took the dam off. The buccal roots were already loose in the socket and had been elevated a bit so it wasnít too much effort to extract that buccal roots together. I may take some bullets on the lingual laceration with the rubber dam clamp, but in my opinion the bigger wound is the extraction socket and thatís like worrying about a pricked thumb versus a sliced finger with a Ginzu knife. The tissue damage from the clamp never seems to be an issue and the retracted cheek and tongue certainly allows one to decoronate, resect he roots, and elevate them out efficiently minimizing osseous trauma. Bone management is more important than the lingual tissue management in this site where the pneumatized sinus may be an issue with implant planning should she choose to have one (she may not and has some contact with the upper first molar and the lower second molar so supereruption may not be an issue). This tooth had a mesiodistal root split - Terry Rubber Dam extraction on Tooth #15
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