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Amalgam apicectomy failure

From: SOTIRIS MAGKOS To: ROOTS Sent: Monday, May 24, 2010 9:46 PM Subject: [roots] re apicectomy Amalgam apicectomy failure after 10 years Re-apicectomy and retrofilling with MTA but there was a crack at the palatal side of the root ..... What do you think about the prognosis??? Was it better to extract and put an implant?? Video on re apicectomy Dear Sotiris, The apiceoctomy and retrobturation are standard procedures. My concerns are next: the calculus presence over the roots The distal vertical incision and the state of distal papilla of the flap the management of the total root dehiscence is the prognosis key factor of this surgery Next time, please probe the teeth all around and remove all the calculus first. If there is a dehiscence, prepare for the surgery bone graft and membrane too. I hope this help.- Enrique Merino Awesome video. thanks for sharing. The crack does not look good, but depending on the coronal extent of the crack, it may heal and provide some period of service. I love the idea of saving the natural tooth. Perhaps orthograde retreatment prior to surgery would allow for evaluation of the fracture's extent coronally, and also a clean canal system, with MTA placed orthograde prior to surgery. An implant is certainly justified, and the beauty of attempting the surgery is that the implant possibility remains, and the patient has the peace of mind to know he/she tried to save the tooth. Most patients still feel loss of a tooth to be a 'defeat', with some emotional negativity. The patient's don't seem to share our excitement about extraction ;-)) - KendelG Sent: Friday, October 15, 2010 10:28 PM Subject: [roots] internal resorption recal Hi Rooters from Greece again. Do you remember the apical internal resorption that i have posted 6 months ago? This is the 6 months recall. Is it new bone at the apical area?? - Sotiris

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