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Real fatiguing case :Mesial and distal obturation

From: Ilya Mer Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2009 3:55 PM To: ROOTS Subject: [roots] Real fatiguing case. I know it doesn't look like a simple case. But when I started I didn't suggest that it would take me 5 apps On the first app. I removed the crown, and old filling, cleaned up pulp chamber, and made pre-endo build-up. On the second app I got a 1.5mm long broken broach fragment out. On the third I succeeded to remove whole metal fragment and got apical patency in MB canal. The fourth patency in ML canal. Fifth I was close to make perforation in the distal, turned round the corner, broke NiTi, retrieved it, obturated mesial and distal systems and made amalgam core. Iím afraid to suggest how much time would take me to retreat 47. :-))) Best regards from Moscow. - Ilya Mer

That is fantastic persistency. Iíd have surrendered long before - Guy Well Ilya, We look forward to hear the story of the neighbour:) This is a true herodontic case, managed perfectly from my point of view. Thank you for sharing - Sergiu Wow Ilya, I think that you definetely have the "triple P", that Marga posted about. Excellent job! How many hours did you actually spent over these 5 appointments? - Rafael Thanks all for your appreciation. As well as I know it took me around 8 hours total time. You know after third app it wasn't very profitable case for me, but money is not all. It was very hard opponent which was defeated. So I donít feel shame to show you my result. Thanks God that cases like this donít come every day. :-)) - Ilya Ilya, Very good effort, also good documentation. How do you manage broken instruments in lower molars (I mean how do you position the scope and the patient)? As you know most cases in Israel are not profitable but still we try to give it our best (and I am not even thinking about our Indian friends where endo is practically free) - Thomas Thank you Thomas! I didn't understand your question about position of scope and patient. Nothing special. Did you see these cases? http://endodontics.livejournal.com/5593.html http://endodontics.livejournal.com/10007.html - Ilya Great website and cases!!!! - Fred Great material and web site. Great to see you lecturing in Moscow! - Carlos Murgel CD, Dr. Ilya, Extremely good cases on your web sites ! You are "cactus" I presume ? - Thomas
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