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Removing NiTi apical separated instruments - Courtesy ROOTS

The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been
credited for the individual posts where they are -
From: Sergiu Nicola
Sent: Tuesday, May 04, 2010 7:04 AM
Subject: [roots] The dark side of NiTi - or Removing niti apical separated instruments

Well, i am forever in love with NiTi hand and rotary files, but sometimes i really hate them.

Especially in these 2 cases i finished recently - i had to remove 2 separated apical files, S1 Protaper,
and a Kerr NITi .35 I fractured The S1 when working with US, and of course the case became more complicated.
- Sergiu

Wow! Even double wow! Nice ones, Sergiu! These S1 can be a real pain in the...back. The most dumb case I've had is an upper second molar, I've shaped the buccal canals and fractured S1 in the palatal! Thanks for sharing! - Bojidar Kafelov NIce cases and great documentation Sergiu !!! Just a question, how much time do you invest in such cases? - Hani PS: I particularly liked the dark side of niti :)))) Usually i spend an extra 20-30 minutes for the separated instrument - Sergiu Great work! Can you please describe your method of removing separated instruments? - Ken Excellent case and phenomenal documentation. You did not seem to widen that one canal very much to get the long NiTi out. How did you succeed , was it US to trough around it and then a retrieval device. Does anyone know of the adapter that fits the NSK Varios that will allow you to place cut of files in the canal. I have a referred case for a high up Niti ( I think I can get it) that I need to retrieve next week or so. Thanks - Glenn Hey Glenn, Brasseler sells an adaptor that you can place files in. There is the E11 which has a 120 degree bend or the E12 with a 90 degree angle.The E12 is meant for molars - - Timur thanks, which one to you like best for molars ( the 120 degree?) - Glenn For molars use the 90 degrees, for anterior teeth use the 120 degrees. I am using the 120 degrees for all teeth, it's possible. Good luck with your NiTi - Thomas I use both 90 and 120 degree file holders I am using cheap 10$ adaptors from ebay(ssst, donpt tell anyone else:) - Sergiu Hey Sergiu,Again, another great retrieval without destroying the root. These fileholders all seem to be for EMS. Are there also holders that are compatible with satelec? Grtz, - RafaŽl Rafšel you can get five for 32 $ LOL!!!!!- Javier Pascual hello Nice work! Yes, the NiTi are so flexible and it is possible to cut this (if you use US) and transform a easy case in a very complicated one. Can you tell us about your working? technique ? - Dr Lupu Sebastian
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