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Recyling of a post and crown - Courtesy ROOTS

From: Marga Ree
Sent: Friday, February 16, 2007 7:27 PM
Subject: [roots] Recyling of a post and crown as a temporary

This patient was dissatisfied with her crowns on the central incisors. There was a history of apical surgery on both 11 and 21 , but tooth 11 didn't seem to have received a retrofilling. Because the crown on 11 fitted pretty well, I decided to use it as a temporary restoration after finishing the endo. A slit was prepared on the palatal surface, and I removed the crown with US (you can see the grooves on the pal surface) and a crown remover. Then the cast post and BU were removed with US and a post puller. After cleaning and shaping, I filled with an apical plug of MTA, because of the root end resection the apical POE was too wide to use something else, although it doesn't show on the radiograph. A moist cotton pellet was inserted, and on top of that a layer of Cavit. Then I placed the cleaned and sandblasted post back in the tooth, rebased the existing crown with TempSpan from Pentron, put the crown back and waited till the material had set. After taking it out, the post is embedded in the crown, and the palatal slit has been filled as well. Next time, I will do 21 using a similar procedure - Marga

recycling of post and crown

recycling of post and crown

recycling of post and crown

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