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  Apical surgery done 20 years ago

The opinions within this web page are not ours
Authors have been credited for the individual posts where they are. - ROOTS

From: Ian charlesworth
Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 9:09 PM
Subject: [roots] re-rct 17

Hi to all, this patient has asked me to try and save this tender to percussion upper right seven,,,
apical surgery done nearly twenty years this  herodontic heaven ?
any thoughts appreciated - Regards Ian Charlesworth

I'd say he got his money's worth for 20 yrs. Looks heroic by my book. Decay also noted on the distal of first molar complicating solving the treatment plan - Fred Lally Hi Ian, In my humble opinion don't even touch this case!!!!!! sometimes it better to say NO than facing the music...moreover, patients have a tendency to compare older work to the new one. even if u devise the best treatment plan,they r not satisfied as they become quite comfortable with the existing situation...i completely agree with Fred... please refer this case to someone else. - Pranav. Thanks for the replies ,,,,."please refer this case to someone else" perhaps to someone I dont know/like? :) call me a sucker but I just love the challenge .... - Regards Ian Charlesworth What does the patient want as an outcome? - Bill I would tell the patient to invest in a new bridge from the 1.6 - 1.4 and have the 1.7 extracted. And if the patient really wants to save the 1.7 I would opt for a retreatment followed by apical surgery on both buccal roots. But on a 1.7 this is very challenging if not crazy. My 2 cents - Rafael Michiels
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