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Resilon discoloration - Courtesy ROOTS

The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been
credited for the individual posts where they are -
From: sashi nallapati
Sent: Monday, December 05, 2005 1:08 AM
Subject: [roots] resilon discoloration

for those of you using resilon , please make sure you take the obturation below the CEJ to prevent any discoloration.
this is a retreat that i did where 6 months later patient called me to complain of the discoloration that she never had before..
its a pink discoloration , i think ,from the dyes from the resilon. too bad i didnt have a preop photo...
she is presently in sodium perborate and it would be interesting to see if the bleaching will fix the problem - sashi

what material was placed to fill the coronal access? was this internal bleaching being done? was anything bonding wise placed over the obturation prior to bleaching? - Gregori M. Kurtzman paracore (dual cure resin) (white in color) was over the resilon. these pics are before bleaching was initiated. i shall see the patient next week for the 2 week period. i placed some flowable resin over the resilon before placing sodium perborate - Sashi Nallapati did the external color change any after you cleaned out the resilon to the cej level before placing the flowable? - Gregori M. Kurtzman no, it didnt - Sashi Nallapati Sashi, This looks like a retx case. Regardless, all root filling materials should end at or just below the level of the orifice. Although I have yet to see this type of discoloration during the last 2 years, I have heard it once before. Some silver-containing sealers will routinely cause a dentin staining as well - Fred fred, thanks for your input.. i routinely take my obturations below the crestal bone level and was surprised to see in this case i didnt...but it was taken below the gingival level... i hope the manufacturers come with a position statement that they have the removed the dye that could be resposible for this discoloraton.. Sashi Nallapati what if the cones were off white in color (no pink dye) would that be an issue with the users? - Gregori M. Kurtzman Sashi, This is the first time I see such a discoloration. Thanks for sharing this. I have treated many front teeth with resilon, but never saw this on one of my patients. I always take my obturation 2-3 mm below the CEJ though. Keep us informed on the outcome. - Marga Didn't you all get the notice on discoloration from pentron? I think they fixed the problem in the new the pink wont happen. But there is a precaution to avoid it. Wheres Bruce? - Rick carter Sashi - Thanks for posting this. I am also seeing a lot of Resilon discoloration, & I have been making a real effort at taking it below the CEJ !. I wonder if even a little bit of sealer can cause this discoloration. I found that removing it & bleaching have taken care of most of the problems. On a related note - when doing a non-vital bleach over Resilon - what are they suggesting now? When it was over gutta percha, I was taught to place a small layer of cavit over the GP. But if the Resilon is bonding to the dentin in the canal, is this extra layer necessary? It seems to me to be superfluous. What does everyone else think?? - Robin Hinrichs For internal bleaching, a layer of GIC had been recommended..especially when 30% H2O2 was used. I would still place another barrier over the root filling. Now that Superoxol is not frequently used, the risk of cervical resorption should be greatly reduced as well - Fred If one has properly sealed the top of the obturation with flowable resin or similar, why would it be necessary to do anything in addition? I would agree application of gic or a bonded layer of say the purple ultradent would be in order if this wasn’t done at obturation, but is that not what we are teaching currently. I know nothing leaves my office with exposed resilon - gary with GP based obturation it was recommended to either place GI over the pulpal floor or bond with a resin to prevent the internal bleach from migrating apically. I would still follow that with resilon or other bondable obturaiton materials just as a precaution - Gregori M. Kurtzman, robin, i would personally protect the dentinal tubules in CEJ with some GI or resin (to prevent possible resorption), and would not trust resilon to do that for me...especially if it is taken below the CEJ. thank god, the bleach will take care of the problem... Sashi Nallapati I used to use IRM but now I use a flowable composite. Makes life much easier. Carol
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