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Resilon healing - Courtesy ROOTS
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From: "Winfried Zeppenfeld"
Sent: Friday, October 13, 2006 2:18 AM
Subject: [roots] Resilon healing

Nothing particularly difficult, just a pretty fast healing. Referred pt, retreatment, Protaper>Flexmaster 40/06,  sonicated NaOCl 5%, EDTA 17%,
CHX 2%, vertically compacted Resilon/Epiphany (System B, Obtura),  coronal seal with  Optibond FL,Variolink, DT Light Post. Looks pretty
nice after 10 months in my opinion.

The apical size looks bigger with less taper in my opinion. Maybe my asistants din't change the documentation in the second appointment - Winfried

Congratulations! I love to see clinical cases where the conditions created by dentists doing the RCT allow the body to do its work...allowing it to do what it was prepared to do ...TO HEAL! I love to see my coleagues as the winners against the root canal infection. Our problem is infection...perirradicular desease!!! Our challenge is to be efficient in the process of cleaning to desinfect the root try to eliminate the substrat to the microorganims... creating good conditions to the body to do the real work...healing. Awesome Winfried - Marcia Thanks Marcia, winning the game against the bugs is what it is all about - just another sport! - Winfried Beautiful, Winfried - Guy W. Moorman, Jr