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  Retreating a lateral canal

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From: Rajiv Patel
Sent: Monday, March 07, 2011 10:52 PM
Subject: [roots] Retreating a lateral canal

45 yof patient had a labial sinus tract related to the lateral canal.
Hopefully this works, multiple CaOH2 changes prior to the fill.
Loads of precurved files to instrument the lateral canal which had
associated resorption.

Fire works and bone magnet apically, should have MTA'd the apical third....):

Fire on ! - Rajiv Patel

Beautiful work! - Fred

Thanks Fred - Rajiv

You got the skills!!! What I do find strange is the circular sealer at the split,
that remains distinctly visible even after you did a complete obturation.
Do you have any idea how this comes?
And the sealerpuff at the end is indeed rather big, but let's not go there ;-).
-  RafaŽl

Thanks RafaŽl.
I am estimating the circular area to be related to sealer splash in the resorptive
area on the surface of the root. You are right that's too much of a splash...
apically.We will see how soon it resorbs. - Rajiv

Good Stuff!! Rajiv  did you premeasure distance to lateral initially or was it
only on tactile sense. did you initially go in with an 8 or 10.
Bravo! - Imran

Imran, it was a combination of all you described plus the microscope  -
the light and magnification allowed me to follow some of the sealer track left
by the previous obturation material. Prebent  both hand held and rotarty files.
Thanks. Regards -  Rajiv Patel
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