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Dentin map of the pulp chamber floor - Courtesy ROOTS

The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been
credited for the individual posts where they are - www.rxroots.com
From: Maarten Meire
Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 4:38 PM
Subject: [roots] retreatment

Here is a retreatment case. Tooth was treated some months ago. After that, it was sensitive to cold stimuli for some weeks...
An untreated canal is obvious on the pre-op RX. The dentin map of the pulp chamber floor makes it difficult to understand how
the distolingual canal could be missed! All canals cleaned, shapes and disinfected to full WL, warm vertical obturation (1 step).
Critique is always welcome! - Maarten Meire

Great job, congratulations - Miguel González Rodríguez excellent retreatment work.have you retreated all the canals and what is the best method to remove gp in case of retreatment. - Pavan Nallapati Thx Pavan. All the canals were retreated (always). I remove gp with GG's and Profiles (usually a 25 .06) @ 600 rpm - Maarten Hello Maarten- Can you discuss your instrumentation and obturation technique? Nice case.....Drew. Congratulations Maarten! I would like to know also your instrumentation and obturation techniques? sessions? - Noemí Thank you, Drew and Noemi! Instrumentation with SS files 08 10 15 and Protapers in this case. Obturation with GP, AH plus sealer and warm vertical condensation (Schilder). This was a single visit treatment - Maarten Congratulations Maaten, excellent photo, what camera do you use? - Helder Pavanelli Thank you Helder. The camera is a Canon EOS 30D, mounted on a 50/50 beam splitter via a f=340mm Zeiss adapter to a Zeiss ProErgo with xenon light. These images were not as sharp as I wanted them, though. Scope photography is far from easy (at least in my hands)! - Maarten Hi Maarten, is not only a beautiful image, but the case is very good the preparation for filling. uses Touch'n Heat and what pluggers? congratulations - Marino Great case Maarten...........the reason I feel the first operator missed out on the second distal is prob. that in cases with a second distal root the Distolingual canal is situated more in the distolingual corner and can be missed if the operator doesn't have an intent on finding it ......anyways all the canals were under-treated and the tooth has to be retreated sooner or later....lucky the patient came to you - Sachin I have had Profile breakages that way, what's your experience? i have since discontinued use of Profiles that way. Coulld you elaborate? - Sanjay Jamdade
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Acute pulpitis images

Middle distal canal
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