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Revascularization first session : Reynolds protocol

From: Javier Pascual To: ROOTS Sent: Wednesday, July 01, 2009 1:26 AM Subject: [roots] REVASCULARIZATION FIRST SESSION 9 year-old girl referred from GP. Uncomplicated crown fracture in November 08 (broken fragment reposition) In June 09 is referred to my office. Vertical/Horizontal percussion negative No palpation Buccal Fistula Response to cold test negative Dx Necrosis with Chronic Apical Abscess Reynolds protocol (IEJ 2008) Irrigation NaOCl-Chlorhexidine. Canal Dressing Trimix paste (ciprofloxacin-metranidozole-minoclyne) Inner surfaces of coronal access sealed with flowable composite - Javier

Excellent first visit! Nice control of the flowable. Hopefully your patient returns for the second visit. Mine is missing in action - RafaŽl Thank you very much RafaŽl. I have just phoned her mother (no discoloration, no pain, fistula is still there) -i did this two days ago- In this case was easy to place the flowable because crown destruction. Iīll do the second session in 30 days, if everything is ok I will prepare the blood clot and place the MTA. I have just done another case like this and It was a nightmare (crown discoloration and improper MTA placement) How do you induce the blood clot?? What can I do if I can get it?? - Javier Javier CLAP, CLAP, CLAP. My first MTA placing some years ago in a little 7yo girl was a nightmare too, discoration even with ProRoot White... White turns Grey if some blood go up from periapex in my experience. What did you do if sinus tract doesnīt close? I hope this no happen, but ... In response to your question about not getting blood clot, review this article - Nuria Campo

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