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  Root strengthening- myth?

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From: Fred Barnett
Sent: Friday, February 15, 2008 4:20 PM
Subject: [roots] Root strengthening- myth?

Case du jour from one of my 2nd year residents......Fred.

Subject: Root strengthening- myth?

We had a conversation today regarding the ability of posts to strengthen roots in the immature root.
But now what about bridge abuts? This gets murkier by the minute. Post placed- fiber with the core.

That a fiber post, Fred. I cannot help but see how a well placed bonded fiber post would not help support the root on a single rooted bicuspid, especially a lower one. It sure beats the heck out of just obturant of any sort. Lower biís seem destined to fracture if we crown them. I now use a lot of onlays on biís where possible rather than full coverage to cap cusps. - Guy Agreed - Fred
Fred, First of all I am very disappointed a general dentist did not take a PA film before treatment planning her crowns. The surgical result looks very nice. I assume the fill was MTA? You are grafting these defects? Not letting a blood clot do the job, ala Stropko? I have started using the BTI implant system and they have a bone grafting philosophy which in many cases uses only clotted fibrin from the patient's plasma in defects like these. You do a blood draw, centrifuge the blood, pippette off the plasma, and activate it with calcium chloride, producing a beautiful fibrin clot that can be used to fill simple defects like these. You should arrange a PRGF demonstration for your residents. - Dan Shalkey Thanks Dan. We have an OS who does this. Grafting was done because of the buccal loss of bone...but the jury seems to out on how successful this is. Bill Becker is coming in April to lecture of bone grafting - Fred
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