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Scope and cleaning the canals

From: Thomas Shimko To: ROOTS Sent: Friday, September 22, 2006 5:55 PM Subject: [roots] Happy new year to all Rooters Here is a case, I hope you will enjoy seeing it as much as I enjoyed doing it. It's one of the first cases done under our new microscope. I didn't need it to find the canals here, but it was very helpful in cleaning the canals - Thomas

congratulations for your beautiful RCT ! And very nice pictures ! - Roberto Hi Thomas, Very nice case! I have a few questions: I suppose the tooth needs a crown. Did you consider to leave a post space? What was the apical size of the mesial canals? What do your referring dentists think about having the build-up made by you? - Marga Dear Marga, As always great questions. 1. I didn't consider to leave a post space, it's a "intra-office" referal (like most). Making a post space when using a "crappy" cold gutta technique is cumbersome. I have to "change" to warm technique instruments, prepare the post space and then fill the space with Ca(OH)2 (I never leave it empty). I do it when requested by the refering dentist. 2. I don't remember what the MAF was for the mesials canals. If I don't forget I will check the patient file this week. 3. In Israel not one dentist will allow me to a build-up for him for economic reasons. As you may know from my "whining" e-mails, our ratio of dentists to patients is about 1:700. Dentists will rather do build-ups then sit at home. I do ALL the build-ups for my main office in Haifa. All means all NON cast build-ups. I hate cast build-ups. I also refuse to do any insurance anterior build-ups, as they make you put posts into those teeth otherwise they don't pay - Thomas P.S I know the rubber dam wasn't that great, but it didn't want to "hug" the tooth completely. Don't have any of that nice blue stuff you put in those spaces yet. Dear Marga, I am in the office now and I checked the apical size preparation. MB1 - 40, MB2 - 40, DB1 - 45, DB2 - 45, P - 45. I hope this is sufficient to eliminate the contamination. I used Ca(OH)2 for 3 weeks - Thomas Thanks for your feed-back Thomas, I am convinced that possible contamination with Ca(OH)2, is not of any clinical significance - Marga

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