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Sensitivity and pain

From: J. Terry Frey, D.D.S. To: ROOTS Sent: Thursday, July 21, 2011 3:15 AM Subject: [roots] Potential trtmt Saw this patient on an emergency basis. Not too familiar with the mini retained crowns, but his complaint was sensitivity and pain between it and #29( 45) which has had endodontics with cast post and crown. I see what appears to be decay, but I could not get an explorer to stick. Gingival tissue was red and inflamed, but really didnít bleed as much as I expected. How / what would you recommend for this situation, if you have an opinion. Patient is male in his late 70s and gave me a lengthy history of how he cares for his mouth; however, shows lots of signs of bruxism and wearing of all teeth. Have rescheduled for complete oral exam, including periodontal and occlusal evaluation. In the meantime, any suggestions on how to restore #29 with minimally invasive technique. I was thinking that if I could access and place GI like Fuji IX, it may be a palliative treatment until we decide what he can and wants to do otherwise. Patient wears a CPAP for OSA and gave hx of wearing a lower night guard, which sounds like a lab processed NTI-Plus. - J. Terry Frey DDS
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