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 >Saving hopeless molar/b>

 - Courtesy ROOTS
From: Antonis
Sent: Sunday, August 22, 2010 11:56 AM
Subject: [roots] saving hopless molar

Patient referred for evaluation of the first left mandibular molar, before stepping forward
to the extraction and implant placement. There was a draining sinus tract leading to the mesial apex.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find the tracing X-ray. Interestingly probing depths were WNL all around
the periphery of the tooth. No endo-perio communication. Worth trying!!!! Calcium hydroxide for 10 days.
Sinus tract disappeared. MTA on the three mesial canals gutta on the distal. Unfortunately gutta-percha
cone was pushed out of the resorbed apex. 2 years later looks good enough, although the pushed out
gutta-percha seems to sustain a mild reaction at the apex of the mesial root. Still no probing depths
and no sinus tract present. At the beginning of my effort I was accused for herodontics and that
eventually would fail. I like to see this case as a clinical success -  Antonis Chaniotis

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