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 Silver retreat
The opinions within this web page are not ours.Authors have been credited for the individual posts where they are. - www.rxroots.com photographs courtesy: Sashi Nallapati
From: Sashi Nallapati
Sent: Tuesday, January 09, 2007 10:48 AM
Subject: [roots] silverpoint retreat

I decided to retreat the symptomatic 10 first with 2 months of caoh, MTA apical plug, fibre post + core to
retrofit to the existing bridge. Then, the plan is to do the same to 9. the idea was to get some stability
to the bridge with atleast one good abutment while the other is being treated.

So far I retreated and restored 10. 9 is next. i used the masserron to get the silver point out. I can't figure out what's the radioopacity to the mesial of 10... Any ideas? - Sashi Nallapati How did you place the MTA for this case? If you used Joey's carrier, what diameter canula do you recommend for the majority of cases? - Michael Moran. I used the Lee plastic block (actually we made our own by cutting grooves in a plastic endo block and used the Dovgan plugger to pick up the MTA bullet. I used Joe's carrier for a number of years and they are great. if your assistants are not prompt to clean them , then they clog on yu real quick though - Sashi Nallapati Sashi, Vista Dental sells the disposable version...they aren't nearly as expensive, about 1/5th the cost and meant to be used untill they get clogged and then tossed. If cleaned, you typically will get 5 uses. The older Quality aspirator ones are nice, but can become a hassel with the luer lock tips getting lose. On those now you just buy the parts because they have become more standarirzed - Joey D
Michael, The diameter of the carrier you use is dictated by the size of the opening apically. If opening is less then #80, I recommend using the 0.8 Dovgan carrier. Then you need to use an appropriately sized Dovgan Niti condensors (miltex) to place and ultrasonically densify the material in place. The .99 works for back fill after a few carriers of the 0.8 If it's 80 - 140, then typically the 0.99 and if it's > 140 you can frequently use the 1.6 mm carrier - Joey D Hi Joey, Are you suggesting an MTA placement technique would be to use the nearest sized carrier as the apical diameter first, then progress to larger diameters as you back your way out of the canal with each following increment of MTA, condensing with the appropriate (increased) diameter condenser with each new aliquot of MTA? Does the diameter correspond to the outside diameter of the canula? I'm still smoldering from John Stropko's home made salsa - man, that stuff was HOT !!! I didn't want to admit that to him in his presence, preferring a second helping instead (hee, hee, hee). Hope your doing well, will aim to catch up with you in Miami - Michael Moran. Michael, Yes, I suggest you progress to larger diameters as you back fill just as you have ascertained, with the appropriate condensor - Jeoy D Sashi, do I need to say nice. Everything you do is nice. Show us some screw ups. ;-) When I first came back home from the military, which was a pond of silver point endo and apicos...quick and easy and off to Viet Nam. I came home to another lake of people who thought if it hurt then you pull it. I bet I did a hundred silver points until I went to one of the Sargenti lectures and realized that both silver points and Sargenti sucked. I've had the pleasure of retreating many. I wisely bent the silver point on the floor of the chamber and packed a base off zinc phosphate over it. They were easy to retreat and I realized that if I EVER had to enter that area for any reason the endo was compromised so I've retreated a ton of my endo, successful and unsuccessful. I also have learned that if you ever have decay in the area of a canal coronal orifice, you might as well retreat it. This is my hope for Epiphany/Resilon. Maybe is will bond that area and prevent leakage. Realizing there is a lot of skepticism on this, I have great faith in Epiphany to do what it is supposed to do. Great stuff and you are a great teacher. Guy

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