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Missing ML canal : Separated instrument removal - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: Venkat
Sent: Sunday, October 25, 2009 8:20 AM
Subject: [roots] Seperated Inst removal; Marga's marga

"Marga in India refers to a way of accomplishing something"

In this case the ML canal was missed, 2 seperated file fragments in MB canal with a ledge and canal transportation in distal.

I could not bypass the instruments so I used very light US activation over the head of the fragment. I used a a satelac stainless
steal US file for this at very low power. Once the fragments were mobile I used a sticky glue from OPTRASTICK ivoclar
( learnt from one of Marga's post among several things) at the end of a DG 16 to pick up one instrument. The other one was picked
with suction.

After the first visit, pt had a flare up with acute abscess resulted in discharge through furcal area. I waited 2 months with Caoh
change after one month before completing the treatment. Furcal attachment was normal and tooth asymptomatic.

Distal transportation was tough for me to consistantly maintain the right path and get my patency file through the foramen.
I have a long way to go to get consistent  with plier pre-bend filing. Thank you Marga. - Venkat

Venkat is the blue material on the tooth walls oraseal...??? - Subi Alnahas I think it's opaldent from optident, oraseal is White in colour also from optident - Abdul If it's Marga and it's blue then it's blue blockout resin from Ultradent, available from Optident in the UK. My preffered method if I need to augment my dam. Like a lot of stuff on Roots, I didn't get the original post. Maybe it's my junk mail settings? - Bill I did a pre-endo build up with Blue luxacore resin and ortho band for reinforcement. Oraseal is white in colour as I remember. - venkat
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