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Sinus tracts - different treatments

From: Roberto Cristescu To: ROOTS Sent: Monday, September 26, 2011 9:31 PM Subject: [roots] Sinus Tracts Now and than we hear and see cases having sinus tracts, and almost all of the time I see people treating them differently than an AP case, using a multi-visit approach, almost all the time using Calcium hydroxide, until the sinus tract has gone. Then fill the case. I don't know what the others experience about sinus tracts is, and how often they treat them differently. I also don't know which way it's best to do it. For the sake of discussion I took today from my treatment folder, all cases where I saw a sinus tract, from january 2011 to september 2011, so 9 months, from which 8 months I used to work only 2 days a week (busy with post graduate studies). I saw in this time 32 cases with sinus tracts. I gathered all for you here. 4 were not treated from different reasons (you will see them explained) 6 I opened and they were fractured 4 I treated with CaOH and 3 healed, 1 not 18 I treated in single visit and all 18 healed - 13 seen by myself at recall of the patient, and 5 seen by their own dentist and I will doube-check in january-sep 2012 at the recall time for radiographs. I don't want to imply anything about treatment philosophies, about shape, irrigants, etc, it's just a finding that I saw it in 9 months of work, and it's 100 % of all cases with sinus tract I saw. I also don't want to imply that sinus tract healing means healing of the lesions. I am just asking if anyone has also this type of data of their cases, and if they saw that doing it in single visit the sinus tract don't heal. I intend to send all 32 emails with cases on roots, although I see the server all the time blocking, I don't see my own messages and than I also get only truncated answers. But I will try it. regards, Roberto sinus tract reports
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