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Scared Kid - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: Mark Dreyer
Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2007 1:51 PM
Subject: [roots] They should pay me double

I always ask myself why I agree to see kids since I don't enjoy it. So far I've not been able to convince myself to stop mostly because some of these kids are better than adults. My issue is how do you gracefully tell Mom that her kid isn't cooperating and I don't get my jollies out of coercing kids into cooperating, so they'll have to go elsewhere. This is never graceful and Moms always become upset and try to convince me to "try one more time". I HATE that, so have toyed with just refusing treatment to kids. Anyhow, this one was a scared kid, but we made it, with Mom hovering holding the hand for over an hour it took to do this. As you can see, we have a few more visits planned, and the other teeth may turn into just fillings. After I successfully complete one of these cases, I feel like taking the rest of the day off....and also think I should have been paid double. :-)) - Mark Dreyer Mark, Don't have the first visit be a marathon. Just numb them, gates out the pulp and maybe get a length. Pick either the most painful, or easiest to numb tooth first, and make sure you get them numb. There are several advantages to this: 1) you can promise a pretty short visit, and deliver on that promise...part of the deal. 2) you don't hafta block out a ton of time to do this, so if it doesn't work out, you don't have a 2hr hole in your day. 3) you build trust. 4) you don't wear out the kid 5) you don't wear out yourself. 6) the kid now has realistic expectations and understanding about treatment... It is understandable that kids freak. They have a known fear of the unknown. Let that first visit end easily and happily. Then next time, you can tell them "The next visit will be just like today...maybe a bit longer. You did good today. We both kept our deal, No?" - John A Khademy One thing I remember GBC saying about ten years ago, "I don't do kids, I don't do trauma, I don't do emergencies." I don't think I'll ever reach that level, but I can see the point of view. Other people were more than able to do these things while Gary concentrated on what he does best. I used the Khademi "deal " a few weeks ago, it worked really well, and I do treat quite a lot of kids, especially trauma cases. If they don't want to be treated, then don't treat, simple as that, it certainly helped reduce my stress about the case. - Bill I struggle with the same thing. I really donít enjoy pedo and refer it out whenever I can, but a good cooperative kid is better than a pia adult. But you are correct, once you start youíve kinda committed to the case. Obviously, you got your usually high quality result, which you probably should get double for on a regular basis in any event. Again, very nice. - Gary Mark, I am not a pediatric dentist, however about 75% of my patient load is under 12 years old. I don't sedate kids. I will use an anxiolytic dose of Valium or Vistaril and we use a lot of nitrous, but no sedation. So I still run into a lot of "can't you please try just one more time." The way I handle this is to explain to the parent that if I spend any more time with their child, I will need to charge a behavior management fee. This fee is $XXX per 15 minutes, usually $100 but sometimes more depending on how badly I don't want to treat the kid, in addition to the regular fees for dental treatment. I explain that this is the charge for my TIME and that it must be paid whether we actually accomplish the dental treatment or not. Now, I don't usually resort to this until we have already wasted a full appointment trying to accomplish whatever we were doing. I am very blunt and tell the parents that I honestly don't believe we are going to witness a dental miracle with the child suddenly becoming a cooperative patient and that I think they are probably wasting their money, but that I am willing to try if they are willing to compensate me. And if they agree, I give it my best shot. But when it starts costing them, they are usually willing to accept the referral. However, by giving them an option, they rarely are p.o.'d with me when they leave - C Mincy Dr. Mincy, that is a brilliant way to handle parents. I think I might steal that one from you. One are using valium on children? I was under the impression that this was dangerous. What kind of dosage are you using? - Mohammed Huq I use more Vistaril than Valium, but when I use it, I dose it at 0.1mg/kg. This is well below the sedation dose of 0.2-0.4mg/kg but will still achieve relaxation and anxiety reduction in most cases. I don't use valium at all on any kid that has ever had a seizure or on kids with ADD/ADHD/or any other psych disorder. However, the vast majority of my peds get treated with a whole lot of conversation and some laughing gas. It probably helps that I'm 5 feet tall with a pony tail and sparkly sneakers--physically, pretty non-threatening. - Catherine Mincy Mark Been there, done that. When you find out the ďniceĒ way to tell the mom to take their brat somewhere else, let me know. Me, I would NEVER allow the mom to stand there holding the kids had while I did any type of restorative or endo. Just me - Terry Mark, Treating kids can be both draining and not very rewarding. I look at it like as a challenge. Stropko won't see kids. I won't do sedations on kids...except using Niterous. I probably could with my Conscious sedation license...but in CA (yes, I live in AZ...but they get their experts from CA commonly), you have to have a special pedo sedation license if I remember...and I'm not willing to go through the hoops to do it. Yesterday, we treated this kiddo....this kid didn't cry or even yelp... I talked to the pediatric dentist PRIOR to Tx who was shocked I wasn't going to do a root canal on this tooth...almost perterbed that I didn't plan on it. I tried to explain the progonsis for long term increase with the amount of root dentin...he seemed shocked I'd consider a deep pulpotomy predictable on a kid like this. I explained things for about 20 I'll have to wait and see how this turns out so I can use with him as a reference. Once I got in, it looked like swiss cheese in the I'm pretty sure it was ECIR. Vital pulp that we ran into removing the effected dentin material. I had to use Terry's dycal trick to make a form to pour in the resins. Total Tx time was 1.5 hours due to quite a bit of hemorrage from the resorbtion area. I removed the pulp to the orfices, put in MTA over it, then because the MTA was so big, placed Optibond on top of a 2-3 mm thickness of MTA and cured, This allowed me to prep the rest of the tooth and create the form needed to restore without saliva and hemorage needing to be washed away from the MTA...or sure it got onto the optibond cured on the top...but the MTA didn't wash away when I needed to do a big blast. I was glad I got to treat the kid...and I've just learned..if they don't cooperate, I'm done - Joseph Dovgan

Ask an anesthesiologist to do the sedation. - Danny Elegant treatment Dr. JoeyD! - Kendel Joey, Very nice work on a tough mesial margin. As for the pedo doc, you'll make a believer out of him after a few cases like this.....unfortunately I can say that cuz one of my top 10 referring docs is a pedo, and that's why I keep the Versed syrup in the fridge. :-)) Are you aware of any problems using Ken Reeds recommended dose of .5mg/kg up to 20mg max for conscious sedation on kids? Ken's pretty conservative in his recommendations, so I feel comfortable using this does as needed on those occasional kids that need a little pharmacological help - Mark NOpe....I'm scared of doing sedation on kids...they aren't like adults...things go south fast. - Joseph Dovgan And when they do they usually donít bounce back. No pedo seds for me either. Thatís what pedodontists are for. - Arturo I donít know why it is always me playing the straight guy, but Iíll bite. ECIR? - Gary ECIR = Extra canal invasive resorption - Joseph Dovgan

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