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Severe pain, diagnosed irreversible pulpitis

From: Thomas Shimko To: ROOTS Sent: Saturday, December 24, 2005 1:40 AM Subject: [roots] Happy hollidays from the holy land Very nice older patient. Pulp cap long time ago (I always think of Terry when I see those cases), now with severe pain, diagnosed irreversible pulpitis. Almost no pulp chamber, all canals calcified. I was determined to find MB2 and after about 30 minutes of troughing I found it. MB1 and MB2 merged. Patent in all canals. Hand files and Profiles. Result lies before you. Not a 15 minute endo, about 2 hours invested - Thomas Severe pain, diagnosed irreversible pulpitis
Occlusal trauma
Premolar and RCT
Resistant lesion
Screw job
Geristore resorption
Curved MB canal
Tectraciclin in surgery
Root resorption
Endo perio lesion
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External resorption
Rubber dam limits
Middle mesial
3D obturation
Inflammatory resorption
Hess anatomy 3
Wierd upper 2nd molar
Implants and/or teeth
Cracked tooth syndrom
Crown root fracture
Open Sinus lift
Mandibular nerve
Missed DL canal
Apical Periodontitis
Endodontic autopsy
MM Canal
3 visit retreatment
Deep bifurcation
Dangerous curve
Lower wisdom
Coronal lateral
Hess anatomy
VC Obturation
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