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Silver point short term recall - Courtesy ROOTS
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From:Ahmad Tehrani
Sent:Friday, August 25, 2006 12:10 PM
Subject:[roots] Silver Point short term recall

Since I have had overwhelming responses from my posted clinical
cases, here is another one to bring the bandwidth traffic to a 
screeching halt.

5 appointments spent C S, 2 appointments for obturation. NaOCl, 
EDTA , CHX by gallons irrigated these canals. Getting all the 
silver oxide residues from the walls was a laborious task. 
It is a nasty and very tenacious residue

Each appointment was finished with dressing the canals with 
mixture of Ca(OH)2 + CHX.

I don't know what possessed me to pack the distal canal with GP 
at first, but I came to my senses quickly. Removed it and placed 
MTA apically like I should have done to begin with, until next visit.
Clinical success would be a 5 year recall when all the Strindberg 
criteria's are met. So far it is only a radiographic success. 
Even that is debatable. but I digress.....  Ahmad Tehrani

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