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Single visit vital case

 From: Terry Pannkuk
To: roots
Sent: Friday, January 27, 2012 9:29 AM
Subject: [roots] What we talked about.

This was a single visit vital case this morning.  The crack was 
limited to the crown, may create some future gingival inflammation 
on the distal.  The full complete assessment of the crack extension 
really could not be performed without removing all irritational
dentin, creating direct line access by removing restrictive dentin 
overhanging the orifice, and smooth the dentin walls with a 
composite finishing bur.

The first molar will be retreated next.  It was originally treated 
by a dentist out of town, then retreated by an endodontist.  It kind 
of seems like it can be improved upon, it has a
furcation lesion and a lesion at the mesial root apex - Terry

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