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Tough 3 canaled lower premolar

From: Marga Ree
Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2008 5:21 PM
Subject: [roots] Tough 3 canaled lower premolar

A difficult lower premolar, not only because the lack of sufficient
tooth structure. I made a pre-endo BU, after which I was able to put
a clamp on the tooth. DB and lingual were not difficult to find, but
mb was located very eccentric, it took me 2 long sessions to
complete it. Patient is scheduled for a crown - Marga

Great case, Marga. What post did you use? - Guy Thanks Guy, I used the smallest post I have in my drawer, Fibrekleer tapered post 1,25 mm by Pentron. The canals were so narrow, that I had to remove some tooth structure to accomodate the post. Usually, I use the existing space to insert a post passively. - Marga Hi Marga! Thank you for sharing such a great case... what do you consider a "long session"? - Chris Hi Marga, well the immune system doesn't know the level of this filling! Turned out well. awesome, thanks for sharing! - Abdul Thanks Chris. 2 sessions of 2 hours each......that's long, no?? ....:-)) Not for me, I can do a 4 hour session without any problem if needed, as long as there is good music on the radio, but for the patient, I think 2 hours is max - Marga Marga , this is a wonderfully treated endodontic case but I wonder about the restorative prognosis of a tooth like this. There appears to be limited tooth structure remaining and the restorative material is very close to the osseous level clinically. What do you think of how to best restore this, on these I hate using a resin post but in my hands most times these fracture away after crown placement. Great endo though.....yikes tough too! - Glenn Glenn, You are right, the tooth is compromised because lack of tooth structure. This was a dilemma. If is wasn't my husband who is going to do the crown prep, I would for sure have recommended extraction. I considered using more than one post, but the canals were so narrow, that I had to remove tooth structure in the widest canal to accomodate the smallest post I have in my drawer. Anyhow, Paul will do a crown lengthening before prepping the crown. - Marga

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