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Two canalled maxillary first molar - Courtesy ROOTS
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From: "siju jacob" 
To: "ROOTS" 
Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2006 2:20 PM
Subject: [roots] Two canalled maxillary first molar??

Maxillary first molar. Case was started by G.P.
He found two canals. A buccal and palatal. Wanted me to find the third one.
I tried for an hour, troughed deep in buccal canal, but couldn't find
any more canals.
Radiographs too didn't show any evidence of a third root or canal.
Have I missed something or can I file it away as a rare case? - Siju

Hi Siju, Great teaching case...the wire films look like the files are centered in the roots, so probably no additional canals...also as I can see on your clinical pics the canals look cenetred compared to mesial or the chances are very high there are only 2 canals ! Congratulations !..and thanks for sharing with us ! - Roberto fantastic work Dr. Siju, You are definitely improving in the optical aspect. And for the case I think You had already filled those two buccal canals! I think they were almost together. and splitting in the apical region IMHO take a look at the post op xray! - Ananya

Siju, as long as one can see only two roots on rtg, there can also be only two canals in the tooth... if it isn't proven otherwise clinically, of course. And provided you did excellent job searching for additional anatomy it is a great case! :-) Just my thoughts... - Dmitri Iíve had seconds with a single canal. Human beings exhibit anatomic variability. Use the average number info as a guideline, not as gospel truth. You can certainly have more or less - Gary L Henkel Siju, I opened a second molar like this just this morning. I'm two stepping it, and I searched and searched, I'll search agin when she returns. I think you're in good shape---I'm going to worry about Mine however ;-)) - Kendel This months JOE has an article about a single rooted maxillary first molar. I was thinking whether I could cook up an article on a two rooted one :-)). - Siju

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