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Tear drop shaped MB orifice

From: Mark Dreyer
Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2009 6:51 PM
Subject: [roots] MB2?

When you trough away the white line and end up with a tear 
drop shaped mb orifice, do you consider that tooth
as having an mb2?  I usually do and say mb2 meets.  
At least with the photos you can explain the hogged out
look on the post op radiographs.

3 pts on the schedule today.  First 2 have no showed so far.  
Only a complete left. Sigh....gotta hate days like this!  
-  Mark Dreyer, DMD

Hello Mark, Thanks for that case. As I understand so far, 2 Patients failed the appointment today. So how do you handle this? Do you Charge them? In Germany we have legal Trouble to let the Patient Pay for the Lost time. In fact there Court Rules they say, that we could have the possibility to make Short-Term appointments with other patients or could have Done othe work concerning the office. So how do Charge missing patients. - Stefan Stefan, I don't charge the patients. If they give me a good excuse I'll give them another appt. If they fail the second appt I then tell them that they will need to call on the morning of the day the are available and if I have time I'll work them in. I could never charge a no-show fee that would compensate me for the lost time ($600 no show fee? I don't think so). All I could effectively charge might be $25 or $50, and such an action not only wouldn't adequately compensate for the lost time, but could possibly inflame the patient against me, destroying any possibility of achieving rapport on subsequent visits. Most of my patients are pretty nice and any of us can forget an appt (I've done it myself with my own MD and felt horrible) Even more importantly, the last thing I want is for pts going back to the referring docs complaining that I'm a jerk, so I try to balance things in terms of keeping referring docs/pts happy and not going broke with disasters in the scheduling department. This approach of giving one second chance seems to work pretty well - Mark Mark, Ok so do I. Im Not going to Charge any fee for not coming in Time. But more and more collegues do so. More and more Pat. miss there appointments because nice weather or whatever. But I handle it in this Way, that One missing appointment is ok, second missing >> I talk to them seriously>> Third missing >> no appointment anymore - Stefan

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