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Thermafilth Abuse Case

From: Terry Pannkuk To: roots Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2012 8:05 AM Subject: [roots] 3rd Thermafilth Abuse Case treated today-Hat Trick Heres another patient abused by Thermafilth today. In fact today I saw 3 patients screwed over by Thermafilth having a total of 12 Therma-fd over teeth in their heads. Thats probably a practice record for me which is why Im not in the mood to hear anyone say that this crap is good and should be used. If there are dentists using this crap with any sort of predictable success, Im sure not seeing it in Santa Barbara. This one came out easily mainly because it was floating through a grossly resorbed apex. After a month of calcium hydroxide I obturated with MTA today. This is whats killing the endodontic specialty: 1. Being dishonest and rationalizing the illogical crap you do because it serves your economic paradigm. 2. Thermafilth 3. Overuse of rotary files without apical cleaning 4. Inadequate conservative access preps 5. Poor communication of options to patients 6. Endodontists just doing the stupid crap a referral wants them to do without questioning it or thinking about it (lack of a comprehensive care perspective). 7. Not giving a crap about the patient and simply looking at them as a procedure they can talk them into and get paid for 8. Trampling into the implant turf war without consideration of implant case difficulty, overstepping specialty boundaries, and not communicating with the entire treatment team. 9. Dishonestly altering practice protocols and clinical science for the commercial whoring of products. 10 Failing to recall patients and look at the crap you did to see if it really worked. - Terry spreader loading
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