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Thermafilth retreatment

From: konstantinos kalogeropoulos To: ROOTS Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 5:16 PM Subject: [roots] thermafilth retreatment from yesterday here's a summer thermafilth working time 3,5 hours... Enjoy! - Konstantinos

Great work. Could you please describe the Buchanan Technique - Stefan Here's the link: It is very helpful and clear about the tecnique itself! (thank you Steven!!!) It works almost every time!! Otherwise you go by the TF tecnique If anyone on the forum has other tecniques as well it would be fun to discuss! - Konstantinos

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Isthmus protocol
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Bicuspid abscess
Sideways molar
Red Dye allergy
Small mirrors
Calcified molar
Extraction and implants
Calcificated central
Internal resorption
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