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Tincture of titanium?

From: Rajiv Patel To: ROOTS Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2011 5:22 AM Subject: [roots] Tincture of titanium? 45 yof presented with buccal swelling related to # 28. grade 2 mobility, probings 434,434 Any takers on this tooth which has already been retreated by her general dentist. Another one bites the dust.....? Fire on! - Rajiv Patel tincutre of titanium Is it depressible? If not then why not. Put some CaOH and see what happens. Worst case you ext and graft - Robby Rabi retreatment,vertical root fracture,anatomy,bacterial contamination,foramen locator,infected tissue,irrigation,irrigants, Dear Rajiv, I do not see any impediment or contraindication for retreatment, indeed, I think that is the best option for the patient and he/she absolutely deserve it, unless you could confirm VRF in which case extraction is the only way to go. NO post, NO modification of anatomy, so good prognosis for retreatment, but only if you think and work with anatomy and removal of bacterial contamination in mind, and plan your strategy that way, not just the esthetic of the final X-Ray film. Try to find extra anatomy, determine working length with foramen locators, final instrument should not be as small as practical, it should be determined in terms of a better removal of infected tissue and creating a favorable shape for irrigation, lots of irrigants with a rubber stoper on the needle, Pasive Ultrasonics and negative pressure could be more efficient than caoh. BTW, the bone level has a better prognosis with the natural tooth - Carlos Heilborn
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