Torturous apical anatomy
Simple retreatment
Periapical access
Irreversible pulpitis
Implant #30
Angled Xray
K3 and LS
Twisted files
Acute pulpitis
Int Vs Ext resorption
Triple retreatment
MB2 joined with ML
Fun with tricuspid
Very large lesion
Implant case III
Implant case I
Implant case II
Chewing sensitivity
Missing ML Canal
Ledges and perfs
Simple canal
Crack or mesial canal
Mesial system
Upper right cuspid
Upper molar
Necrotic and restoration
Bent file stuck
CaOH2 Case
Necrotic cases
Dentin and pulp space
PA child case
Furcation in class III
3 roots bicuspid
Ankylos case
Deep furcation
Crown access cores
Distal part of crown
Middle mesial canal
Missed anatomy

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Video - Kids caries

Early kids' teeth care is crucial

Videos for kids:

Brush your teeth - Video
The Tooth Brushing Rap Yo - Video
Tooth Brushing for Kids - Crawford the Cat - Educational Video
My shiny teeth and me - animation
How to Properly Brush and Floss Your Teeth
Eruption of teeth (mouth open) - animation
Video Eruption of teeth
Tooth decay (dental caries)
Brushing with braces

July 1, 2011
Good oral health in children translates to healthy adult teeth.
Here's how to help care for your child's pearly whites:

Take your child to a pediatric dentist by the child's first birthday or when the first teeth
arrive, whichever comes first.

* Begin helping your child floss by the time their last two molars come together, which usually
  happens when children are 21/2 to 3 years of age. "The minute the two last molars the first and
  second baby molars  come together, flossing becomes a big way to prevent that plaque formation
  from taking place," says Dr. Indru Punwani, professor and head of the department of pediatric
  dentistry at the University of Illinois in Chicago. "The cavities tend to start in between the teeth."

* Don't let children brush their own teeth until around the ages of 7 to 9  or until they're able
  to tie their shoes or cut their meat on their plates.

* Curb thumb-sucking by approximately age 5 to prevent developmental abnormalities.

* Don't allow young children to carry around sippy cups containing anything but water.

* Cut down on sugary snacks between meals. One of the major cavity-causing culprits is eating sugary
  foods throughout the day, says Richard Mungo, a pediatric dentist in Huntington Beach, Calif.
  For example, children may start out in the morning eating a sugarcoated cereal and a piece of toast
  with jelly on it. Mid-morning, they might snack on graham crackers; then lunchtime rolls around and
  they drink chocolate milk with their peanut butter and jelly sandwich. At 3 p.m., it's a Twinkie.
  "It's the number of times you expose your teeth to the sugars that's important, not how much [sugar]
  " says Mungo.

* Limit sticky foods such as raisins and fruit roll-ups, which cling to the teeth. Experts note that raisins
  are very nutritious, but they tend to get wedged in the teeth and stay put. Encourage children to take a
  sip of water after eating these and other snacks. "Swish it around, make faces with them, and help get
  if off the teeth," says Mungo.

* Take care of your own oral health. Research shows that the bacteria that cause decay can be passed from
  caregivers to infants and young children. Rinsing with anti-bacterial mouthwashes has been shown to
  significantly reduce the number of cavity-causing bacteria.

* Limit the sharing of spoons and bottles between caregivers and children and among children themselves.

* Let older children chew sugar-free gum. Gum increases the flow of saliva in the mouth and helps
  neutralize acids on the teeth. Further, studies have suggested that chewing sugar-free gum for 20 minutes
  after meals can help prevent tooth decay.

  The ADA

Protaper flaring
6 yr old Empress
Cvek pulpotomy
Middle mesial
Endo misdiagnosis
MTA retrofill
Resin core
BW importance
Bicuspid tooth

Necrotic #8 treatment
Finding MB2 / MB3
Deep in a canal
Broken file retrieval
Molar cases
Pushed over apex
MB2 and palatal canal
Long lower third
Veneer cases
CT Implant surgury

Weird Anatomy
Apical trifurcation
Canal and Ultrasonics
Cotton stuffed chamber
Pulp floor sandblasting
Silver point removal
Difficult acute curve
Marked swelling
5 canaled premolar

Sealer overextension
Complex anatomy
Secondary caries
Zygomatic arch
Confluent mesials
LL 1st molar (#19)
Shaping vs Cleaning
First bicuspid
In Vivo mesial view
Inaccesible canals

Premolar 45
Ortho and implant
Lateral incisor
Churning irrigant
Cold lateral
Tipped to lingual
Acute pulpitis images

Middle distal canal
Silver point
Crown preparation
Epiphany healing
Weird anatomy
Dual Xenon
Looking for MB2
Upper molar resorption
Acute apical abcess
Finding MB2

Gingival inflammation
Irreversible pulpitis
AG BU ortho band
TF Files
using TF files
Broken bur
Warm technique
Restorative prognosis
Tooth # 20 and #30

Apical third
3 canal premolar
Severe curvature
Interesting anatomy
Chamber floor
Zirconia crown
Dycal matrix
Cracked tooth
Tooth structure loss
Multiplanar curves

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