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  Tough molar

The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited
for the individual posts where they are. - Photos courtesy of Ahmad
From: Ahmad Tehrani
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 5:09 AM
Subject: [roots] tough molar

lower left 2nd molar with I.P.
Limited opening with trismus.
hand files and couple of GG to enhance the orifice.
temporary BU with core-paste until the 3rd molar is extracted. 
The distal margin was a bear to isolate
due to deep caries and proximity of #17 - ahmad

tough molar 
tough molar That's brutal. hand files created those shapes? wow - KendelG It took me 2.5 hours ......mixed that with every 5 minutes of sighing and asking "are we done yet?", makes it a even longer......))) - ahmad ahmad, looks good Limited opening cases are a breeze with the endohandle - Steve That thing is really neat. I bend my own 31 mm files so any size will work. They only make up to a 15 I think...prebent. I wondered why no one had done this before now. Also, why not a reciprocating handpiece. My rubber dam in no longer there to prevent swallowing of instruments as was the old claim. Anything I put into there is just about attached to a hose. ;-) - Guy W. Moorman, Jr. DDS With hand files only?? Nice results in xrays!! Well done - Marcela Thanx. but, if you look closely you can see the coke bottle I created in coronal part all the canals with GG burs. I broke every single of the GG's... maybe that was my sign from above not to obturate with NiTi...))) - Ahmad But blasted GGs will break at the drop of a hat. They are brittle as heck. If the patient had trismus already, they must have been dying by the time this was over. I'd have had to broken some rotaries. ;-) Guy W. Moorman, Jr. DDS Very nice result on a tough patient ! Distal margin temporization looks a little problematic, those are quite hard ! - Thomas Why hand files, no rotaries? - Guy
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