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Tooth graphics by Dr Ciobanu

From: "Ken Serota" To: "ROOTS" Sent: Monday, January 19, 2009 12:14 AM Subject: [roots] FOR TERRELL These were done for me by Dr. Ciobanu, small sampling of many, I'll send others from my PC...if you can use them in your talk.......it's called "it takes a village"....the goal of the new ROOTS and IMPLANTS is to make graphics available to all....to guide in their development and to - what's that axiom I hear so often, it is what it is.....nope, that's not it....oh yeah, RAISE THE BAR.. Kendo

tooth graphics

implant graphics

tooth graphics

nobel implant graphics

Biomet3i implant graphics

AstraTiDesign implant graphics

Ankylos implant graphics

Ok, Ok, I would just like to explain that I go out of my way to not talk products unless it's a tongue and cheek counter to the overpromotion of a particular product. In that case I promote the competing product against the one that's being shoved in my face. :)):) If I start getting jammed with Anklyos promotion you're going to start seeing a lot of my posts extolling the virtues of Nobel Biocare. :):):) The graphics you posted are really cool. Someone has some amazing artistic ability. It's not quite clinically accurate though; they need to throw in a bit of peri-implantitis and marginal gingival inflammation to make it more realistic. :):):) - Terry I won't argue the point with you TP............simply because you're dead right. To one degree or another, allow me a modicum of latitude..........the tongue and cheek approach is something that has kept me sane through the past ten years on ROOTS and IMPLANTS............ My friend Ciobanu is a brilliant talent.......I've tried to get him to TDO, but I accept the fact that that will never happen.........it's this whole Jim Jones thing you guys have going on with Carr - NOW THAT IS TONGUE IN MY CHEEK. No promotion is in the cards........if you have artistic ideas, rock the casbah Sharif.............Ovidiu will be the new look ROOTS and IMPLANTS webmaster come sometime in February........he will have a featured spot to showcase his work so that he can earn a decent wage....and it would be to everyone's benefit to have you and the 500 TDO members work with him and develop material for your collaborative usage.......... You can't simply raise the bar the traditional way, anymore than you cost it being lowered by the way things are conducted traditionally. What you can do is add new horses to your team if the existing ones won't pull the wagon up the hill........... - k

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