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dental trauma lower anteriors

From: Marga Ree To: ROOTS Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2009 8:24 PM Subject: [roots] dental trauma One year ago, this 8 year old boy sustained a trauma on his lower anteriors. 31 had a complicated crown fracture, with a mini pulp exposure, according to the GP. The restoration that the GP made had to be replaced 5 times, because it came off every single time. Apparently a poor sealing restoration was present, and no wonder that the pulp became necrotic after some time. The kid came in with swelling and pain. I could not place a rubberdam, because there was no retention. I decided to place Ca(OH)2 and bring him back to restore the tooth properly. At the next visit the swelling was gone, and after the composite restoration was finished, it was still a problem to clamp the tooth. We applied a buccal and lingual extension of composite to provide retention for the clamp. These composite wings can be removed easily after the treatment is done. Today I did the 1 year recall, lesion has healed and the patient is symptomfree - Marga

Marga, Another beautiful executed RCT. did you place an fiberpost? looks like it to me. - René Stevens Marga just great!! simple solutions to daily problems. I love your posts!! Thank you very much - Javier Pascual

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