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  Trauma case

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From: Fred Barnett
Sent: Monday, March 21, 2011 11:40 PM
Subject: [roots] trauma case

Trauma case----injury occurred in early 2007.
Tooth #9: avulsed, after 15 minutes, placed in milk.
Tooth #8: 'severely' extruded.
Both teeth appeared to have horizontal root fractures as well in their apical 1/3.

The teeth were repositioned and splinted and sent for treatment.

It was decided NOT to treat, but rather just follow for signs of revascularization
and continued root development.

The case prgressed quite nicely. We now have 4 year follow-up.

Sometimes the best treatment is no treatment. - Fred

Wow ! Thank you for posting this one !!!!Beautiful ! - Pierre Hey Fred, Wow! That's an amazing case. What is your long term prognosis for #9? Like you, I would leave it be for as long as possible. How old is the pt now? My other concern for those teeth now is the occlusal trauma. I hope that is not the final ortho position. - Arturo Hi Arturo, The ortho was recently started. I am hopeful that he does not traumatize these teeth again and that the ortho forces are "light". - Fred Just beautiful! - Kendel

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