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Replacement of crowns : retreatment - Courtesy ROOTS
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From: Marga Ree
Sent: Saturday, September 20, 2003 2:23 PM
Subject: [roots] treatment of nervous collegue

This is a case in which I played a very modest role, my husband did the hardest part. The patient is a good
friend and collegue of us, he was dissatisfied with his smile and cosmetic appearance, and wanted new
crowns on his front teeth. My husband did the prosthetic treatment, he replaced the crowns on the 12, 11, 21
and 22 and made also a crown on tooth 13. So, 5 crowns in total. I did the retreatment, post and
build-up on tooth #11. I remember my patient being very nervous, because the post had to be removed, and he
didn't sleep well the night before the treatment. This week I did the one-year follow-up. He is very satisfied
with the result (and so are we.......). We are very proud of our lab technician, he did a great job - Marga

Beautiful case Marga! - Terry Very nice case Marga and especially on the nervous patient. Gosh I love the scope for these nervous nellies - Glenn Glenn, I can't stand the sighing either. If I'm in a bit of a testy mood, I'll usually tell the patient to please stop sighing because it breaks my concentration, and I won't be able to do as good of a job for them if I'm being continually distracted by the sighing. I tell them to only make a noise if I'm hurting them so I know to stop - Marga Marga, would you be able to send a photo of the lab dies?I'd be interested in seeing how your husband ended his preps subgingivally on the roots. Are these Captek crowns? Very nice result - Dudley Chai-Onn Nice case Marga. Please can I ask what you used to remove the post and the materials you used for the final post - Stephen. Stephen, I removed the cast post with ultrasonics, CPR 1 tip in the Spartan ultrasonic device. If this doesn't work after some minutes, I use a postpuller, like the Gonon Postpuller or the Ruddle Post Removal System. The post which I used for the new build-up is a Luscent post, from Dentatus. It's a glass fiber post, you can light cure the luting cement through the post, at least, the manufacturer claims that you can do that. I prefer to use a self cure composite to cement the post, I don't trust the transmission of light through the post. I used Luxacore Auto-mix to cement the post, and I used the same material for the build-up. One disadvantage, you have to work fast, it sets within 1 minute. You can see that the post is radiolucent, you can only see the radiopacity of the core material that surrounds the post - Marga

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