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Twisty lower wisdom

From: Imran Cassim To: roots Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2011 10:28 PM Subject: [roots] curvy wizzy this was a twisty lower wisdom, 2 visits (3 hours in total) lots of hand files and pathfiles, really battled with distal and mesiolingual, prudent use of sealer, i was worried about proximity to IAN ,A CBCT would have been useful here but costs as much as the endo in my neck of the woods. The distal looks short even though i double checked apex locator reading. he had pain for 3 days post op and then it settled.- Imran twisty lower wisdom tooth

twisty lower wisdom tooth

twisty lower wisdom tooth

twisty lower wisdom tooth Nice case presentation , Just wondering if there was sealer filling some lateral canal in the distal root ? Wasn't able to appreciate when I enlarged the image Good work at the end of the day - Vinay potential missed canal or missed upper portion of a canal on the distal??? - Craig barrington Hi Craig I thought there might be a split on the distal too, and explored with a precurved 15k file facing bucaal and then lingual but couldn't feel a catch. After this case I have a deeper respect for Hongsheng's case and the the one Antonis posted on the bridge abutment a few months ago - imran what's the avg size of the average canal? canal split? lateral canal? let's just say that a 15 is generally too big to explore with.....think 8 and 10...possible 6 but it get's a bit too flimsy..... Craig barrington

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