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 Upper first molar with cap
From: Jörg Schröder
Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2007 3:51 AM
Subject: [roots] 4,5 or 5 Canals?

this one took away some of my lifetime.

Upper First Molar with CAP. The MB2 was hard to find. Finally the access cavity looked nice and I thought this one should
be a nobrainer. The tooth must have read my thoughts. DB was waiting for me. First I could not get patent. After using
extremly prebended handfiles i found a severe curvature to the buccal side. Again I thought I made it. Handfiles went in
and out very easy. I took a M2 10/04 , felt resistance, did not stop and broke the file :((((.
After 10 minutes I could remove the fragment and was happy that I blocked out all other canals with sponges. At that day
without blocking the canals the fragment sure would have entered one of the already shaped canals.

Then I entered the DB again, this time with the bend to the palatal side. There was a deep splitting: Just for my personal
records: Is this a 5 or only a 4,5 canal molar ;)))

After shaping, modified Schilder in all canals. adhesive buildup and at home 2 cold beers - Jörg Schröder

Dear Jorg, I don't mind how many canals this molar has. I do mind the effort that went into this. Not only the documentation is excellent, what a nice case ! - Thomas Beautiful work and documentation Jörg! Congratulations!! - Carlos Jörg, That was beautifully done. That was not a 4.5; rather, it should be a 5+, since you went the distance and found the hidden branch in the DB. - wes Jorg........CLAP CLAP CLAP and one for the effort CLAP well done man.........that was a tough case and your documentation and final result should be ina textbook. Can you tell me a little bit about how you got the file out (and in only 10 mins!!). THanks and wonderfully done. - Glenn Glenn, thank you. I opened the canal orifice to an oval shape with Endosonore US-Files. Fortunately the fragment did not bind at the tip, so after irrigating a lot I was able to flush it out after activating the end with US - Jörg Great work and documentation Jorg. Inspiring. Did you manage to get 2 master cones into DB canal deep split? What is modified Schilder technique? - Venkat Thank you Venkat, yes, as you can see on the conefit-x-ray there are 2 cones in the DB. Fisrt I placed the one with the curvature, the second one just slipped in. Modiefied means, that I am not using a plugger heated by a bunsen-burner (cherry-red) and I am not placing several pieces of guttapercha into the canal. I am using a electric heated plugger. Instead of continious wave I am heating the gp in multiple waves. - Jörg Great Job! Some comment on "modified Schilder technique" that there's no need for putting additional "modified". Although the original technique used cherry-red heat carrier (developed when no electric heat device available), it later included Touch'n Heat in the protocol. Multiple wave indeed is the key of the technique.- Edward Thank you for the explaination, Edward. That is my lack of knowledge, because I am a endodontic late starter. No program over several years. only CE with focus on the practical work. Sometimes I feel kind of uneducated - Jörg You are very welcome! We all learn together in Root University.... "uneducated"?? You must be kidding me...! You've just shown us a great deal of skill and knowledge! - Edward Great case Jörg! I predict a brilliant career in endodontics! - Marga
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