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Upper right cuspid : Lateral incisor - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: Rob Kaufmann
Sent: Sunday, November 08, 2009 4:13 AM
Subject: [roots] My Quiz of the Day

31 year old Female in good health and excellent oral condition /hygiene referred to me by an
Oral surgeon form examination and possible treatemnt of the upper right cuspid and/or lateral
incisor.   The lateral tested normal to pulp tests and the cuspid, no response. Probings were
within normal limits except for the mesiopalatal of the cuspid which had 6 mm pockets on the
mesial and palatalsides. There was suggestion of a previous draining buccal sinus but this
area was not traceable on presentation. ( See photo). The OS was concerned that the lateral
might be involved and need endo.  There was some seriosu doubt as to the restorability of the
cuspid, but it was difficult to determine the extent of the resorption.  How resorbed is it...
really? Is it worth performing a  palatal flap to determine this? Is it worth risking potential
loss or compromise of the of the interproximal papilla between the lateral and the cuspid
in order to find out? -  Rob Kaufmann DMD MS(Endo)

it looks like a hopeless ecir case for me, i would jump for an implant right away - Sergiu i would do the same thing but after extraction, i would go for a microCT :-) - Bart
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