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Vital pulp - Hess Anatomy

From: Terry Pannkuk To: roots Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 4:49 AM Subject: [roots] Some more Hess Anatomy today. This 26 year old female with a vital pulp (cracked tooth syndrome) presented with an inflamed pulp. I treated it in one visit today. 1 mg of Xanax for the longish appointment, Slightly restricted jaw opening (40-45mm interincisal). I thought I was going to have to divide the treatment into two visits but the patient wanted to keep going. Very minimal rotary usage to make sure I was safe in the mesial root - Terry Vital pulp - Hess anatomy

Vital pulp - Hess anatomy Great case! I like the web in the mesial roots very much :) - Heng Sheng It was a tough one to fit a cone. I kept getting two different blot lengths on the paper point which was initially confusing. With that narrow of a root, I definitely wasn’t going to fit two cones in each branch, undoubtedly sealer in one of them (the distal branch). Many recapitulations with hand files before it was smooth enough to fit a cone with tug back. Tug back is critical to apical control and achieving the gutta percha density without a crinkled cone at the apex - Terry Do you use paper point tech in all of you cases? And talking about the recapitulation with hand files, did you use K files or NITI GT hand files? Thanks for sharing your clinical experience for me - Hongsheng I tend to paper point all cases, feeling uncomfortable saying I always or never do anything. J K-files for recapitulation, but then use GT hand files to see if the apical taper is to my satisfaction at the end (file template) - Terry Great case! Which device is the one shown in the photo for transillumination? - Carlos Agnar

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